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Your Business Growth is Our Mission

We are here to help you get the funding you need, fast !

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Micro Funding

Short Term Capital

Line of Credit

Growth Starts With Making Sure Your Business Is Financially Secure

Having a partner that can help your business secure funding is important

We want to help you get enough capital to help you grow and reach new heights.
Unfortunately, securing extra capital from big banks and lenders can be difficult, time-consuming and even futile if you don’t have the right assets.

Obtaining a Business Loan from Traditional Banks is No Easy Task

Banks look at your track record, credit score, cash flow and can require collateral before they consider whether to work with you

We understand that many small businesses need financing in order to grow. Our service responds to the needs of entrepreneurs by providing them with simple access to capital for a variety of projects.

For years we have supported entrepreneurs from all over the United States obtain the funding they need to grow their company. Let us help you too!

Quick and Simple

The funding application
is easy and short.

Immediate Offers

Get a funding offer right away.
You decide whether to accept.

Fast Deposit

Funds are deposited into
your account in 1-2 days.

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Cefa Capital is the best choice to access private business capital

Through our network of capital providers, we can quickly help you find the best funding offer.

There are no collateral requirements. Minimum qualifications are less strict compared to traditional banks.

Cost of capital is transparent. You can be confident that your costs will be clear from the beginning, which is why so many businesses choose us!

“I wanted to build my business, and I knew I needed a line of credit to do it. It’s been a lifesaver.”

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