Line of Credit

Steady Access to Cash

With a line of credit, your business will be able to grow without having to worry about a cash flow problem.

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Revolving Line of Credit

Get a credit line you can use again and again

No more dealing with multiple lenders or applying for loans.
This credit line is designed to be convenient.

Use as you choose

Draw funds as you need,
at your discretion.

Revolving Credit

As you pay down the loan, those
funds become available again.

Cost of Capital

You only pay interest on the
funds you have taken out.

Blue Mobile Payment System

Managing cash flow is challenging

When you need funds quickly, a line of credit can help.

You get immediate access to cash and pay interest only when you use the money.

Don’t let cash flow issues stop you

Get the inventory you need to run your business.

With a line of credit, you get money every time you need it.

“I wanted to build my business, and I knew I needed a line of credit to do it. It’s been a lifesaver.”

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