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A Better Way to Accept Credit Cards

Two Ways to Swipe

Payment processing is an expensive part of doing business – it does not have to be.

Both ways are made to save business owners money.

Standard Processing

2.99% + $0.20 Transaction
$29.99 monthly**
2 Year Agreement
Free Equipment Options
**monthly fees can be deferred after 90 days

Edge Processing

3.84% / customer pays 4%*
$24.99 monthly**
2 Year Agreement
Free Equipment Options
*Merchant Pays Near $0

Standard Processing

Fast Payouts

Yesterday’s Transactions Get Next Day Deposit

Traditional banks require a mountain of paperwork, collateral, credit & more, before they will consider lending your business money. Most small businesses fall through the financing cracks.

Edge Processing

Non-Cash Adjustments

How does EDGE Pricing Work?

Edge is a specialized program that allows you to add and collect a small Non-Cash Fee Adjustment on credit card transactions. This adjustment offsets the majority of your processing fees.
You can even bypass charging a customer the adjustment, if you would like to.
Edge provides you the program and technology that makes this happen easily for you.

Let’s use this example:
A customer makes a $100 credit card purchase.
With the Non-Cash Adjustment, the customer is charged $104.
The you, the merchant, is charged the flat rate of 3.84% and $0.15/swipe.
$104 – $3.84(fee) – $0.15(swipe) = Merchant keeps $100.01!

Edge Processing

Savings on processing fees

Non-Cash Fee Processing

When merchants see the kind of savings they can have,
it means their business can …


Stay a float


Keep their employees


Add a new location


add outdoor seating for COVID conditions or regulations

Edge Processing Offsets the Majority of Credit Card Transaction Fee for Business Owners

Savings Comparison

This hypothetical is based on an eCommerce business that does $100,000 in transactions per month. We will show the savings to your business over a year.
The example does not include monthly fees or transaction charges.

The comparisons are made using fee percentage rates.
The rate given for Square is the percentage charge for manually entered transaction, Interac chip & PIN or tap sales
None of the results include applicable monthly charges or costs per transaction fees.
The intent of the comparison is to show business owners how much they may be spending on credit card processing fees.
With Edge Processing using Non-Cash Adjustment, the savings are significant.

Point-of-sale Systems


Paradise POS



Retail Cloud

Soft Point


The Right System For Your Industry

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Custom Online Ordering App

Sales & Marketing Tool

App developers create an app driven online store for your business. You will be able to engage with your customers the same way big businesses do. Some of the features include:
– Order through app
– Loyalty program
– Coupon
– Social sharing via app
– Geo-fencing
Geo-Fencing is the practice of targeting a customer when they enter a geographical boundary. A customer will recieve a message, coupon, sale or alert when they drive or walk within a predefiened location. This can be a zip code or larger, or even down to a singel building.

A fully custom professional application for your business

Developing for Business

Custom Design & Build

Developers will work with you to build out the right application for your business. Colors, fonts, photos & graphics to match your branding.

SKD Submitted to Android & Apple

Your app will be easily accessed by your customers. Once your new application has been apporved, you can advertise its features.
It is powerful content to be able to discuss your app on social media.

Monitored & Maintained

After your app is built and fully functional, it is completely worry free. Your application is monitored & maintained by the developers who built it.

Apps for

Applova Online Ordering

Special Pricing

A mobile responsive web-ordering solution to thrive online sales.
For restaurants to rapidly roll out to-go, delivery or curbside pickup services. Applova Online Ordering is all a restaurant needs to turn thier business into an online business. This platform provides a smart, simple, intuitive interface that gives their loyal customers the convience to order through any device.

Applova Features

– A fully funtional ordering website
– Up and running in less than 72 hours
– Easy menu set up
– Business can make sales and stay afloat during COVID crisis

Curbside Pickup

With Applova, your restaurant can easily pivot to care for your customers and staff in the era of COVID. Offering curbside pickup can be a seamless transition. Here is what it looks like:

1. Order through Applova Online Ordering with Any Device
2. Restaurant prepares order
3. Customer arrives to restaurant curbside pickup
Includes vehicle information
– number
– color
– model
4. Customer marks “I’m Here” online
5. Restaurant delivers meal to vehicle

Applova will do all the behind the scenes work to get you up and running.

Other Services

Flat-fee, Transparent Cost of Capital

We can probably agree that interest rates are confusing. They are a sneaky way banks charge borrowers and mask the total cost of the loan.

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